• Onyx, Turquoise, Quartz & Tiger Eye Bracelet | To Write Love on Her Arm
  • Onyx, Turquoise, Quartz & Tiger Eye Bracelet | To Write Love on Her Arm
  • Handcrafted designer stone jewelry bracelet with a cause charity - popvibe

Onyx, Turquoise, Quartz & Tiger Eye Bracelet | To Write Love on Her Arm

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Size: 6mm


Black Onyx #Empowerment

Turquoise #Protection

Smoky Quartz #Grounding

Tiger Eye #Confidence

Hematite #Grounding

CZ Diamond Stones

Black Onyx will allow a better flow of positive energies which will make you feel lighter, more vibrant & energetic. Giving you strong support especially when you’re experiencing difficulties in your personal or professional life. It’s a strong & protective stone that will help you when you’re facing your adversaries in any kind of conflict by acting as a defensive stone. It will deflect any threat or negative energy aimed at you while giving you the guidance to achieve all your goals & accomplish your tasks.

Turquoise will effectively dispel negative energies & protect you against pollutants or negative influences. It’s a stone that will align & balance the chakras & promoting inner relaxation by acting as a spiritual balm to your heart & mind, which have been deeply affected by emotional wounds & stress.

It will promote self-realization & help you achieve what you want in all aspects of your life-giving you a deeper awareness & helping you find your purpose. It will bring you energies of wisdom & understanding that will encourage creative problem-solving.

Smoky Quartz enhances your ability to relate to the concrete world because of its ties to your root chakra. Like all dark stones, one of the key strengths of Smoky Quartz is its ability to banish negativity. It “absorbs” the bad vibrations of negative energy surrounding you, leaving the way clear for you to improve your life. 

If you are someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, or jealousy, then wearing a piece of Smoky Quartz, especially in situations where those feelings are unusually strong, can be a powerful way to get to the root of your problems without allowing your negative emotions to overwhelm you. Because of its link with the earth, Smoky Quartz is said to have a unique ability to block the psychic “buzzing” caused by being around smog, electronics, and other people.

Tigers Eye is a good stone to have to release your fears & anxieties. It’s the stone that can give you courage, strength of mind & self-confidence to tackle anything that will come your way. It will help you accomplish your goals because your focus & creativity will be greatly enhanced. You will be filled with confidence & optimism, & all feelings of lack or being incomplete will be dispelled.

This handcrafted stone bracelet will provide you with the extra boost of energy needed to succeed professionally. You will receive confidence from Tiger Eye, a feeling of empowerment given by the Onyx while Turquoise will protect you from all negativity.

To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is an American non-profit organization that aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury & thoughts of suicide while also investing directly in treatment & recovery. Based in Melbourne, Florida, TWLOHA seeks to connect people to treatment centers, websites, books, support groups & other resources. TWLOHA also encourages people to have honest conversations about these issues, & to live in a community.

The organization's name is a direct reference to the first person that they helped, a young addict who self-harmed by cutting the words "Fuck Up" on her arm with a razor blade—with the group's founder writing an article hoping to help the addict to get cleaned up & "To write 'love' on her arms" instead.

5% of the selling price of every bracelet will be donated to To Write Love On Her Arm.

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