Our Story


Jewelry should be much more than just looking good. We use natural crystals for our jewelry collection, enhancing your day-to-day life while staying contemporary. Our goal is to empower you to live a better life – just by wearing one of our pieces. Featuring crystals that attract positive energy, inspiring spiritual moments, and encourage you to meet challenges confidently, our jewelry is never as simple as it looks. Complementing the beauty of our craftsmanship, we have connected every piece to a charitable cause.

Handcrafted designer stone jewelry hematite bracelet - popvibe




Our Beginnings



Our founder Shaun H'ng launched Popvibe out of his garage three years ago. He had worked in the fashion industry extensively, serving in high-pressure positions at luxury fashion houses. Despite the thrill of working for well-known brands, he sensed that he could do something more. He imagined a new movement in jewelry, one that enhances personal energy, inviting people to think about the ways they could empower themselves and their community. This solidified the other defining aspect of his vision for the brand, our ceaseless commitment to vulnerable and in-need populations. The result was Popvibe.







Our Community



Currently, we are collaborating with fourteen charities and counting. We have made charitable giving one of our priorities, devoting significant resources to this part of our business. The way we see it, we are here both to style people and help them.