Crystal Cleaning

by Crystal Specialist

One of the most common question we 
were often asked is how to clean or recharge crystals? With urban settings in mind we hope this simple guide will help you in making sure your crystal bracelets are working at its best at all times.
Cleaning vs Charging
We often hear crystal cleaning or charging crystal, but what do they mean? They both practically mean the same. You clean your crystals to rid them of negative energies so they are recharged to their purest form. This will make sure they are always at their purest energy to work with you.
Crystal Healing Cleaning Recharge - Popvibe
Full Moon
Crystal belongs to the outdoor &
nature which made sense to clean/recharge them with the powerful glare of full moon. You should use this method as often as you can. Think of it as giving them a deep cleansing. Simply leave your crystal bracelet overnight preferably directly the full moon or next to the window.
Crystal Healing Cleaning Recharge - Popvibe
Smoke of Sage
One of the easiest method is by immersing your crystals in the smoke of burning sage. This can be done once a week or as often as you like. Simply hold the crystal bracelet among the passing smoke for at least 30 seconds. This is also a good method to cleanse your home whenever the space is giving you a sense of heaviness.
Crystal Healing Cleaning Recharge - Popvibe
Set your crystals out in the sunlight at dawn, leaving them until dusk. Some crystal will fade & brittle over time so please check before using this method.
Crystal Healing Cleaning Recharge - Popvibe
Selenite Crystal Plate
Selenite crystal is one of the few stones that will recharge itself & do not require cleaning. They enhances other
stones while keeping them charged &
cleansed. Simply place your crystal bracelet on the plate overnight. Other than recharging selenite crystal is also great for bringing lights into your space. This is why we have one in every room. You can purchase them at Amazon.
Crystal Healing Cleaning Recharge - Popvibe
Water + Sea Salt
Place your crystals in a bowl of water with sea salt for an hour or as long as you like. Some soluble stones may be damaged by water so please check before using this method.
 Crystal Healing Cleaning Recharge - Popvibe
Singing bowls is a great way to release unwanted energies from crystals. They cleansed by releasing the sound vibrations. Simply release the sound near the crystals everyday or as often as you like. This method could also cleansed your space at the same time.