• Quartz, Garnet, Pearl & Agate Bracelet | Planned Parenthood
  • Quartz, Garnet, Pearl & Agate Bracelet | Planned Parenthood

Quartz, Garnet, Pearl & Agate Bracelet | Planned Parenthood

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Size: 6mm


Smoky Quartz #Grounding

Garnet #Purifying

Fresh Water Pearl #Abundance

Botswana Agate #Love

Lava Stone #Courage

Hematite #Balance

CZ Diamond Stones 

Smoky Quartz enhances your ability to relate to the concrete world because of its ties to your root chakra. Like all dark stones, one of the key strengths of Smoky Quartz is its ability to banish negativity. It “absorbs” the bad vibrations of negative energy surrounding you, leaving the way clear for you to improve your life. 

If you are someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, or jealousy, then wearing a piece of Smoky Quartz, especially in situations where those feelings are unusually strong, can be a powerful way to get to the root of your problems without allowing your negative emotions to overwhelm you. Because of its link with the earth, Smoky Quartz is said to have a unique ability to block the psychic “buzzing” caused by being around smog, electronics, and other people.

Garnet has the power to purify the energies in your body by getting rid of the toxins & restoring your body to its revitalized & re-energized state. It will cleanse your body, mind, & spirit helping you regain your balance, and protect & harness your inner strength.

Pearl is a stone that will attract luck & wealth. It will bring you energies of prosperity & abundance attracting success, fortune & fame. You will also become more practical when it comes to your choices & decisions, especially when it involves money, finances, or business.

It will also help you create new beginnings & fresh starts promoting truth, honesty & modesty; which will strengthen relationships by improving your treatment of each other & there will be more open lines of communication. 

Helping you connect with the Goddess, which is the source of ultimate feminine energy. Pearl will enhance feelings of goodwill & positivity helping you in your search for truth & higher wisdom. It will provide you with a sense of safety & stability in love & emotional shelter from the storms.

Lave stone begins from molten lava that solidified quickly under intense heat & pressure. Containing the intense power of the volcano, this stone will strengthen your connection with the Earth while giving you the courage & strength to take over the world.

Botswana Agate is a comforting & protective stone especially if you are feeling lonely, lost, or afraid. The soothing energy will help you deal with the pain & loneliness that comes with loss, grief, or heartache. It will support love & make you feel loved, even if you feel like love has left your life.

With the help of Hematite keeping you balanced, this handcrafted designer stone bracelet will give you the emotional strength to reach for abundance while staying grounded at all times. 

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is a nonprofit, non-partisan group. Backed by more than 12 million activists, donors, and other supporters all working to advance access to sexual health care & defend reproductive rights. While PPAF works at the national level, local Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations are fighting to defend reproductive rights in states across the country.

PPAF fight back when anti-abortion politicians & their extremist allies try to outlaw abortion, take away access to affordable birth control, & block patients from care at Planned Parenthood health centers. We fight alongside our partners when the basic human rights of our patients, volunteers, supporters, activists, & staff of all races, faiths, genders, & identities are under attack.

Today, the fruits of both their labor and their resolve: Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of sex education. An estimated one in five American women visits a Planned Parenthood health center in her lifetime. And Planned Parenthood’s more than 600 health centers nationwide deliver high-quality, supportive health care to 2.4 million people each year.

5% of the selling price of every bracelet will be donated to Planned Parenthood joining the fight for access to reproductive health care.

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